2023-2024 Tuition Schedules

Kindergarten $2,500 (full day)
$1,900 (half day)
1st - 8th Grade $3,500
3rd Student $2,800 (20% discount)
4th Student $875 (75% discount)
5 + Student $0 (100% discount)
Registration Fee $50 new student(s)
$25 new student(s) of existing family
Prepayment 3% discount for prepaid tuition
(This is non-refundable and must be paid by August parents’ meeting)
Book Fee $250

It is important to remember that there may be other expenses that arise throughout the school year. I.E. field trip costs, pizza day, etc.

Incentive Referral Program

A one-time referral bonus will be awarded to any current or enrolling TCA family whose referral results in a newly registered student. A $100 tuition discount will be awarded per new student enrolled.