Marc and Melia Lamoreaux
Aaron, Benjamin, David, Gracelyn, Emily
For three years my husband and I prayed for guidance in choosing a school for our children. God answered with Trinity Christian Academy! We had researched other schools, both public and private, but chose T.C.A. for its classical curriculum and its desire to assist parents in training their children for the glory of God. We have been with the school for 5 years and have been so pleased and blessed by our experiences there!
Brian and Christine Vogt
As Christian parents we felt a huge responsibility in educating our child in a way that would make her not only a smarter individual, but a wiser one. We wanted an education that continued what was being taught in our home; where morals and good values were just as important as being a good speller or a proficient reader. We liked the fact that the classes were smaller and one-on-one time with a teacher was available if needed. Our experience with TCA has been a very positive one, and we are very content in our decision to have our child be part of this school.
Jason Ehrenberg
The summer before our oldest son, Andrew, was to begin school, we had talked about him going to public school. We felt that we were missing something by sending him to public school. My wife had gone to a Christian school and wondered if there was one in Norwalk. By God’s design she found Trinity on the internet and inquired about the school. We were given information and felt the school’s beliefs and our beliefs fell in line with each other and that was the place we wanted our children to attend. We now have two children at Trinity Christian Academy and one to go in the future. We are very involved and love the family atmosphere that is evident at the school.
Quote from a Kindergarten student
Mrs. Crawford is a fun teacher. She loves to teach us, laugh, and play. She takes good care of us too, like a mommy does.
Quote from the mother of a 4th grade student
My daughter loves school. She has good friends. They share the same values and support each other. I am thankful that she will have developed a strong Christian foundation before she enters high school.